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Teddy Blaze LLC, founded in 2020 is a contemporary brand that started in Hollywood and relocated to Las Vegas, NV.

We have manufacturers in the US, Canada, Great Britain and as well as China.

We strive for QUALITY FIRST. We're not one of those "pseudo woke" brands.

Teddy Blaze looks for sustainable manufacturers. However, no manufacturer is going to be 100%. Even if they tell you otherwise.

Nevertheless, our polys are made from recycled materials (percentages may vary with each manufacturer and item)

We're here to give great service and provide great merchadise that I either design MYSELF or curate MYSELF.

If you're looking for a song and dance and a sob story, Teddy Blaze isn't the brand for you.

We dress celebs. Our pieces have been photographed by Getty Images and are used in Film and TV.

To keep up, visit the gram @TheTeddyBlaze


Sir Jones, Creative Director/Co-Founder